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American Botanical Council
News and information on herbs, herbal events and herb industry guidelines

ACA - American Chiropractic Association
Membership organization, source of chiropractors in your area

American Herbal Pharmacopeia
Herbal monographs on specific plant actions, use and botanical reference standards

American Herbalists Guild
Membership organization and source for professional and general herbalist training, conferences, herbal events

Robin Rose Bennett, Wisewoman Healing Ways
Herbalist, apprenticeships, education, consultations, author

Himalayan Salt Lamps
Bath salts and spa products, edible salt, salt lamps

Peggy Huddleston
Prepare for Surgery Heal Faster guided imagery training progam

Mederi Centre for Natural Healing

Donald Yance's integrative cancer center and foundation

Montclair Breast Center

Center of excellence for breast health- surgery, treatment, diagnostics, integrative medicine education

David Winston AHG
Herbalist, education, research library, author, consultations

David Winston's Center for Herbal Studies
2 year herbalist training program

Core i7 Laptops models and reviews
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