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What does a holistic health consultant/herbalist nurse do?

We work with the whole of who you are -- your overall health or illness, your diet, your energy and stress levels, your daily routine, your emotional life -- and how these impact your overall wellness.
As you are a unique being, more than just a diagnosis, we make patient-specific approaches to your health condition. The program is tailored to your needs.

Working within a four-part focus of a custom herbal formula, specific dietary recommendations,nutritional supplements and lifestyle suggestions, you receive a plan to implement healthful changes to your life.

You will get guidelines from the very first visit. More will follow if or as needed.

What is the consult process like?

The first visit consists of a dialogue where we review your current and past health, your goals, your medications and supplements, your family history, your labs, and answer any questions that arise during the two-hour visit.

Subsequent visits can include a simple follow-up to review any changes in your symptoms, or a more comprehensive presentation of an overall wellness program. We can also strategize with your physician, and help build a healthcare team for your benefit.

As a holistic health practitioner, I am a guide to the journey of your health, helping you plan your healing journey based on the specifics of your situation and needs. Making positive lifestyle and dietary changes, with the support of herbs and supplements, can help strengthen your vitality, address the current issues and prevent or reduce future problems.

What about safety?

Food, herbs and supplements are much safer than over-the-counter and prescription medications, with fewer side-effects and a broader range of activity.

Before any products are prepared or recommended, we always check them against your list of allergies and medications and assess them for potential or actual herb-drug interactions. This reduces the possibility of any problems occurring.

We stay current with the best scientific research and traditional usage, and proceed with caution. We introduce all new compounds slowly, at low dose, and schedule taking them a minimum of two hours from any prescription medication.

Then what?

We like to follow-up at least every three months, more or less, depending on the seriousness of your condition. If you’re on an herbal formula, it will change as you do.

Herbs and supplements can be mailed to your home for your convenience, or picked-up from the Siegler Center without scheduling a visit.

Does insurance cover this?

Check with your insurance company, as some may cover the consultation. Provide the code for the consultation, which is 99404.

How much does it cost?

Office/phone consults are $150/hour.
There is a discount for a 4-hour package, which is $495 (otherwise $600). The time can be divided up into increments which suit your schedule and mine. The first visit can often last 2 hours if you have a complex health condition.

To find out in more detail, contact me for an estimate.

Contact me at:

Dale Bellisfield, RN, BC-HN, RH(AHG)

I am a National Board-Certified Holistic Registered Nurse and a Medical Herbalist, one of the few professional members of the American Herbalists Guild (AHG). I graduated with honors in Nursing and was inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa society.

I have over 16 years’ experience as an herbalist, and have been trained in several traditions of herbal practice, including Western, Traditional Chinese, and Cherokee. And I have an additional specialty in integrative oncology.

Additionally, I am trained and certified in Reiki, and in Peggy Huddleston's program Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster, which offers guided imagery and relaxation to improve surgical outcome and reduce anxiety.


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